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Facial Procedure in Somerville, New Jersey

Somerville New Jersey Facial

A facial in Somerville, New Jersey is a great way to rejuvenate, repair, hydrate, and protect your skin.

Is your skin showing the signs of stress, fatigue, too much alcohol, poor diet, or exposure to the elements and pollution? Facials are a great way to restore vitality and moisture to your skin, helping it look fresher, younger, and smoother. More than just a pampering experience, a good facial can help to promote healthy skin, slow the natural aging process, and protect your skin for the future.

Not only do our clients look better after a facial, but many also report feeling more refreshed, energized, and confident. When you visit us for a facial in Somerville, New Jersey, we will:

A facial in Somerville, New Jerseycan reduce dryness, lighten pigmentation and age spots, and help clear congested pores. Your skin should feel smoother and softer, and you may notice a reduction in enlarged pores, fine lines, and surface wrinkles.  After your facial, we will recommend a program of at-home skincare, to maintain your glowing new look.

How often you get a facial depends upon your skin type, or whether you have a specific problem. In general, most average skin types benefit from a monthly facial, but this may be too often if you have sensitive skin.

For skin that looks younger, smoother, softer, fresher, and brighter, phone us at (908) 725-8755 and book your facial in Somerville, New Jersey today.

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