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Cellulaze Treatment in Somerville, New Jersey

Cellulaze in Somerville, New Jersey is the only FDA approved laser proven to eliminate cellulite with one simple treatment. Unlike the Zerona, Velashape, Smooth Shapes, and Mesotherapy, which take multiple sessions with no guaranteed permanent result, Cellulaze is backed by clinical trials showing significant permanent reductions in cellulite and improvement in skin tone. Cellulaze is the only device shown to break down the fibrous bands which cause the puckered appearance of cellulite. At Body Chic, every patient treated with Cellulaze alone has seen more than 95% improvement in their cellulite. We have also used Cellulaze to effectively tighten lax skin, especially on the thigh and area above the knee.

Body Chic is currently the only facility performing Cellulaze in Somerville, New Jersey. This revolutionary procedure is minimally invasive, requiring only oral sedation and no general or I.V. anesthesia. It typically involves only two small incisions, approximately 3 millimeters long. These incisions are positioned to be as undetectable as possible, even when you’re naked. While it varies according to the area to be treated, the procedure typically takes around 2 hours. Following Cellulaze, you will need to wear a compression garment for 2 weeks. Collagen stimulation continues to improve for 6 to 12 months after the procedure, so you’ll see optimum results up to a year after having Cellulaze in Somerville, New Jersey.

In our gallery of before and after photos, you can see the outstanding results we have achieved with Cellulaze. One shows a patient with severe cellulite, and the remarkable improvements she saw at 3 weeks and 6 months after the procedure, with continued collagen stimulation and cellulite reduction. In the gallery, you’ll also see how the Cellulaze treatment successfully tightens lax skin, giving it a far more youthful appearance.

To say farewell to unsightly cellulite forever, book your free consultation with the BodyChic team at (908) 725-8755 today. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve the svelte figure of your dreams with Cellulaze in Somerville, New Jersey.


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Somerville New Jersey Cellulaze
Patient Details: 28 year old female underwent Cellulaze to buttocks. Pictures represent pre procedure, 3 weeks post procedure, and 6 months post Cellulaze.

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