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Vampire FaceLift/ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Vampire FaceLift/ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Somerville, New Jersey

By combining the applications of hyaluronic acid fillers with blood derived growth factors, the Vampire Face Lift offers a unique balanced approach to reviving you beauty. This is a in office procedure performed in under 30 minutes yet impacts the face tremendously over the next few weeks, months, and years. At Body Chic we offer trained practitioners that understand how to strategically fill in fine lines and erase deep set wrinkles without creating a shape that is unnatural to your face This simple, yet extremely smart innovation of the growth factors provides you with beautiful age-defying results.



Actual Patient Results

Patient 18138
Vampire Facelift Patient 18138
Details: Here are images of a 48 year old patient who received the vampire facelift. Her before images demonstrate sunken eye sockets and loss of volume to her cheeks, and lower face as well as old acne scars to her chin area and right nasolabial area…the after images are taken at 4 months post procedure and demonstrate how her collagen as filled in from her body’s own growth factors. Even her old acne scars have improved and have been lifted by collagen ingrowth below the epidermal layer.

Patient 90520
Vampire Facelift Patient 90520
Details: This patient had a Vampire Facelift and the after picture is taken the SAME DAY as the procedure! The results are dramatic from fillers to her nasolabial area and marionette lines….Please make note of the patients mole on her left cheek demonstrating it is the SAME patient!

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